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Trying to Fix Audio

I have been trying to fix this audio issue I have for the past 2 weeks. Every time I this I’ve got it down, the next audio clip is completely different due to the change in environment. The first scene is different to every other clip because it was shot in an empty studio that was full of space, the second scene is different because it’s shot in a narrow passage way of a flat, and in a house, the third clip is shot in a public restaurant and the forth, in an open street. All these environments need a different method of audio editing for me to get clear dialogue (which I don’t think is achievable with the audio I have).

I have been looking at a lot of audio tutorials on YouTube to help me make the audio i have better. Barring in mind I don’t know anything about editing bad audio, the most I’ve been doing is trying to remove background noise and any hissing I hear. Below you will find a list of YouTube clips I have embedded that have helped me get my audio to what it is currently.


Below are just a few shots of me working on editing my audio clips.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 23.36.07

(Normalising the audio levels)

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 16.44.23.png

(Playing around with the “Reduce Noise” and other options)


(Applying “Parametic Equalizer” for better sound)

University Work

End of Year Reshoot

With all the thinks that went wrong in our first major production, we have learnt what to do, and what to not do for the next production we’re going to have. Firstly, casting is going to start very early, a few months earlier to be specific. This will give us a chance to not only look for more people, but it will also give us time to audition them properly instead of hiring them straight away because we’re short on time. We will still be asking them to send us self tape of themselves, and we’re give them a draft script that we feature the character they’ll be auditioning for in a situation where they have to make a serious life choice. We’re be studying their mannerisms, pace of dialogue, tone and body-language to see if they are better suited for the role. The next thing will be making a draft script, this idea came about so that we stop sending our work/script to people that are not going to end up being casted for our production. Though our script is copy-written, we don’t want to take the chance of it being plagiarised. As I stated on a previous post, we also intent to give the actors a £30 allowance that will cover food, and travel expenses while they are working with us, this will work will for our budget cost and save us a bit of money. We also aim to start using crowdfunding, the module we had in the Foundation Degree will finally come in handy.

In the process of pre-production, we want to  develop all of our character, we have also entertained the idea of one of our feature character becoming a main character. Melody, who was a feature character, is now possibly going to be a main character, the reason for this is that there are many sides to women as a whole, one woman cannot embody every aspect of what being a woman is, there are glamour girls, there are tom-boys, there are woman who are feminists, there are those who don’t agree with feminism, thats just a short example. So making Melody a main character will help us reach more of our female audiences. Those who don’t relate to Tori, might relate to Melody and her free spirit.


I’ve thrown the idea of possibly hiring a researcher to help with out plot development and character development. We as a team will be doing our own research into being better writers, producers and directors! We aim to utilise our Masterclass subscription and take different online courses in writing so we can all come with a different outlook and angle into writing and building the show up. The main reason for us hiring a researcher would be for developing the psyche of each character. The research would be asked to look into different psychological approaches that people have in life, how people come to make life altering good/bad choices, what makes someone calm and collected, what makes someone promiscuous, two faced and so on. having these facts in detail will help us in how we approach and deal with what each character is going through on each episode.


We currently have no date for the reshoot, only the month we intend to shoot it on, which is October. At first I thought this would be a problem due to not being able to borrow university equipment, but after speaking to my tutor he found a way around that problem, and I’m more at ease.


In the aim of having better results, I will be pushing for us to hire a professional sound recorder, cinematographer and someone to keep track of time. We all have learnt how important time management is from this production, and we all intend to make sure we don’t have the same issue.

University Work

Colour-Grading: Cinematic

Out of everything I’ve been doing in my editing process, colour-grading is the easiest. Thanks to having the mlut plugin. This plugin is a professional one clip colour-grading tool! You simply apply the effect to the clip you want to colour-grade, then you chose the look you’re going for, it’s that simple. At first I was consider learning Davinci Resolve, a professional colour-grading software, but mlut basically provides cinematic Davinci Resolve presets that you can just drag and drop onto your footage, which saves you hours of colour-grading. I’m considering buying more cinematic colour-grading presets from, buy I will see how my footage looks like first with the presets I currently have.

University Work

Cinematic Look – The C100 Mark II

While I’m getting prepared for the shoot for my first Pilot, I’m trying to learn the most I can about the camera that we’re be using. even though I’m holding the position of producer, I don’t want to limit my skillset. If at any point in the production I’m going to have to step up to the plate and be a cameraman, for any reason, I’m going to be ready, I’ll be able to understand the settings and how to navigate through the menu settings.

My understanding of what all the videos below are continually stating, is that if you’re looking for a cinematic look, the Canon C100 Mark II can help you achieve that. The best setting to use is Canon Log (also known as Clog) with view assist off, this shows you how your footage is going to look when you’re going to edit it in post production. The best ISO to use seems to be 850, but we’ll test it out in the field to see if it gives us to look we’re after.

University Work

Casting: Part 3

It just dawned on me, I’ve only been using one means of primarily getting actors. As a creative, I personally feel like this isn’t healthy. I’ve been searching for other trusted websites for casting actors, and I’ve just come across an article StudioBinder that lists the best 6 free casting websites that are out right now. After checking a few of them out, I’ve gravitated towards Many. Though I have to sign up, its better because it’s free to message actors, unlike Starnow where we have had to pay £10 to message the actors that we’ve found suitable for the roles we have. My other issue with Starnow is that the filter when I’m only looking for actors still bring up models, extras and other people that were not included in my refined search. only provides actors with the description that I have listed in my search and the actors contact details.










University Work

Casting: Part 2

In our current stage of production I have only been looking for actors in Starnow. Ideally I would like to find people who are more closer to Nottingham, but adopting that mentality will limit us to people in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester and people around the Midlands. I have also been using the Facebook groups that Oliver suggested when I had a conversation with him a few months ago. Though the Facebook groups we slower to reply, their not really giving us the results I need while I’m scouting. Further more, all the actors that have been spoken to on Facebook want to get payed, which we are not able to offer them at this moment. Starnow is yielding good results, we are currently talking to a few actors about what the roles we have, and emailing a few of them to give them more details. Elizabeth Nord writing for  NoFilmSchool states that in casting, one thing that makes a directors life easier is that the actors have natural chemistry on screen. The whole article is information that Elizabeth received from short film casting director Vicky Boone  about the key things when it comes to casting actors for any budget.

University Work

Scoping – Another Aproach

Michael  Dapaah is another prime example of the power of being consistent with your content. For roughly about a year, Michael was releasing videos on Instagram and twitter, then he starting his YouTube channel. He wrote his own material and acted in it. This lead him to a big feature on BBC 1Xtra as one of his characters Big Shaq. A few days later after his appearance on BBC 1Xtra, his freestyle went viral on Twitter first, and quickly became a meme. He quickly used this opportunity to record and put out “Mans not Hot” which gained a lot of attention, not only in the UK, but also in America. This lead to a record deal from Atalntic Records, interviews from The Breakfast Club, a very popular radio show in New York, and a professional music video for the hit single. While doing his interviews, Michael would always tell people that he has a bigger picture beyond the single. He’d also add that he’s an actor, and people should check out what he’s already been doing on YouTube so that people can understand the Big Shaq character. Further down the line, The song Mans Not Hot, would be recognised by Shaquille O’Neal who’s called Big Shaq. Being that Shaquille O’Neal use to be an mc back in the 90’s/early 2000’s he made a remix of Michael Dapaah’s Mans Not Hot, which have the record more attention and kept it in peoples faces and asking people if Michael Dapaah’s character Big Shaq would respond to Shaquille O’Neal’s Mans Not Hot remix where he stated that he’s taking his rap monika “Big Shaq” and that he’s the real Big Shaq.

All of this was in good spirits of entertainment, but it all started on YouTube. What I can learn from this is this. If I can apply myself to my craft, working on my scripts to make them better, producing good quality content and promoting it shamelessly, my work can get recognised and be picked up by television networks, or even better, Netflix. Social media is now a very powerful tool to use in attaining attention, but you have to know how you will use that attention when it comes to you.