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Power of a Trailer

I have shown the trailer I’ve edited to a few people I’m not really close to and asked for feedback. The average person (who isn’t a media student or wasn’t involved in the production) was very impressed with the visuals and the colour-grading. overall people loved it and said they can’t wait to actually watch the real thing. I followed up by asking them what would make the trailer even better then what it is, the general answer was “more drama” one person in particular that I had just met said “there needs to be some cheating, fighting and way more arguing”. Shows like Archer and Rick and Morty prove that drama and dark humour go and in hand because dysfunctional relationships are more entertaining to watch, which is the reason why people like watch shows like Love and Hip Hop and Bad Girls Club. Granted, those are some extreme examples, but they seen to grab more social attention at the end of their seasonal finally. Being that people were watching the trailer with headphones in, bad audio wasn’t something they realised straight away, so there weren’t and comments on that.

University Work

Audio Samples

This is a quick blog to show the results of my audio editing. The first clip is the unedited audio I have when the production had finished.


The second clip is what have managed to do in post production in Adobe Audition.


I still have an issue with background noise, but I’ve managed to bring out the dialogue a bit more to make it clear. One thing to note for the future is that hiring a sound recorder is definitely mandatory. Audio isn’t something you have edit and make it good if it’s bad.

University Work

Trying to Fix Audio

I have been trying to fix this audio issue I have for the past 2 weeks. Every time I this I’ve got it down, the next audio clip is completely different due to the change in environment. The first scene is different to every other clip because it was shot in an empty studio that was full of space, the second scene is different because it’s shot in a narrow passage way of a flat, and in a house, the third clip is shot in a public restaurant and the forth, in an open street. All these environments need a different method of audio editing for me to get clear dialogue (which I don’t think is achievable with the audio I have).

I have been looking at a lot of audio tutorials on YouTube to help me make the audio i have better. Barring in mind I don’t know anything about editing bad audio, the most I’ve been doing is trying to remove background noise and any hissing I hear. Below you will find a list of YouTube clips I have embedded that have helped me get my audio to what it is currently.


Below are just a few shots of me working on editing my audio clips.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 23.36.07

(Normalising the audio levels)

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 16.44.23.png

(Playing around with the “Reduce Noise” and other options)


(Applying “Parametic Equalizer” for better sound)

University Work

Being a Producer

My role as a producer was what I expected it to be. My main focus was to make sure everybody was alright, in high spirits, well fed, arrived on time and the production went well. Though our time management was poor, I had everything else in control. When things didn’t look like they were hopeful, I had to motivate my core team and let them know that we still have work we need to do, even though we knew we weren’t using what we were shooting as our final product. I made sure the actors where doing well, I specifically developed a relationship with O’Shay (Andre) and Kharis (Tori). I told them that I liked their chemistry off-camera and I knew it was going to make for good chemistry on-camera. I had no problem working under the pressure we were under. I make all the critical choices when we didn’t have actors show up. I had amend a major scene when we were one actor short. I was also in charge of bringing the main production team together, I hired Kyle, spoke to Nathan, James and Ben who are all my classmates to assist me in the production. I had to keep in mind that they also had their own project they had to work on too. Aside from time, I feel I done well handling the responsibility of the whole production

University Work

End of Year Reshoot

With all the thinks that went wrong in our first major production, we have learnt what to do, and what to not do for the next production we’re going to have. Firstly, casting is going to start very early, a few months earlier to be specific. This will give us a chance to not only look for more people, but it will also give us time to audition them properly instead of hiring them straight away because we’re short on time. We will still be asking them to send us self tape of themselves, and we’re give them a draft script that we feature the character they’ll be auditioning for in a situation where they have to make a serious life choice. We’re be studying their mannerisms, pace of dialogue, tone and body-language to see if they are better suited for the role. The next thing will be making a draft script, this idea came about so that we stop sending our work/script to people that are not going to end up being casted for our production. Though our script is copy-written, we don’t want to take the chance of it being plagiarised. As I stated on a previous post, we also intent to give the actors a £30 allowance that will cover food, and travel expenses while they are working with us, this will work will for our budget cost and save us a bit of money. We also aim to start using crowdfunding, the module we had in the Foundation Degree will finally come in handy.

In the process of pre-production, we want to  develop all of our character, we have also entertained the idea of one of our feature character becoming a main character. Melody, who was a feature character, is now possibly going to be a main character, the reason for this is that there are many sides to women as a whole, one woman cannot embody every aspect of what being a woman is, there are glamour girls, there are tom-boys, there are woman who are feminists, there are those who don’t agree with feminism, thats just a short example. So making Melody a main character will help us reach more of our female audiences. Those who don’t relate to Tori, might relate to Melody and her free spirit.


I’ve thrown the idea of possibly hiring a researcher to help with out plot development and character development. We as a team will be doing our own research into being better writers, producers and directors! We aim to utilise our Masterclass subscription and take different online courses in writing so we can all come with a different outlook and angle into writing and building the show up. The main reason for us hiring a researcher would be for developing the psyche of each character. The research would be asked to look into different psychological approaches that people have in life, how people come to make life altering good/bad choices, what makes someone calm and collected, what makes someone promiscuous, two faced and so on. having these facts in detail will help us in how we approach and deal with what each character is going through on each episode.


We currently have no date for the reshoot, only the month we intend to shoot it on, which is October. At first I thought this would be a problem due to not being able to borrow university equipment, but after speaking to my tutor he found a way around that problem, and I’m more at ease.


In the aim of having better results, I will be pushing for us to hire a professional sound recorder, cinematographer and someone to keep track of time. We all have learnt how important time management is from this production, and we all intend to make sure we don’t have the same issue.

University Work

Colour-Grading: Cinematic

Out of everything I’ve been doing in my editing process, colour-grading is the easiest. Thanks to having the mlut plugin. This plugin is a professional one clip colour-grading tool! You simply apply the effect to the clip you want to colour-grade, then you chose the look you’re going for, it’s that simple. At first I was consider learning Davinci Resolve, a professional colour-grading software, but mlut basically provides cinematic Davinci Resolve presets that you can just drag and drop onto your footage, which saves you hours of colour-grading. I’m considering buying more cinematic colour-grading presets from, buy I will see how my footage looks like first with the presets I currently have.

University Work

Footage Issues

One of the major issues I’m having with footage is this particular scene we shot in day one. Nathan, the sound recorder, is very visible on the reflective microwave door…one every shot we have of that angle!

The video embedded above taught me how to mask blur something from a reflective surface. This was very helpful because it was my first time learning that you can mask blur something from a reflective surface in post production. At first I thought we had to throw the whole scene away because his face was in all 3 to 4 clips we have of this angle. The two images below show the before and after of the mask blur process.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 15.43.10.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 18.40.18.png