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Effective Directing Methods for Amateur Actors

I have just come across this online book that will help me  on the upcoming project 4. The book gives advice on working with amateur actors. After reading a few chapter of this book I am not so bent toward hiring professional actors over amateur actors, yes having professional actors would make  everything easier, but this book has taught me that there’s a way to direct actors that can bring the best out of them. Here are other things I grasped from a few chapters from the book.

Casting– In choosing an actor or actress it is important for the person casting to know the ins and out of the characters being casted for. You have to know the quirks and the dialect or the character. What you’re looking for in the actors is the actor or actress that can embody the characters speech mannerisms, quirks and body language naturally and comfortably.

Working on the lines– In the role of director, it is important when working with your actors, specially in the rehearsal phase, to make sure that they believe the words in the scripts for each of their characters; repetition goes a long way, once an actor truly knows his lines, saying them will become more of a subconscious act. Because we will be working with amateurs, this will be very important in getting great product at the end of Project. Aside from that, I also need to keep in mind that when actors come into play, the flow of dialogue might have to change, it may sound good or terrible when you hear it back or see it being acted out. Adapting to the scene and changing things as we go as far as dialogue is something we need to keep an open mind about in production.

The art of not acting–  “Just remember, everything you say is true”. As a director or producer, actors will only be as good as you push them to be. That’s not to say their skillset doesn’t place a big in the overall picture. The actor or actress you’re working with has to understand that they are not like “pretending to be somebody” that need to actually become that person when they are in front of the camera. They must lose themselves in the character! A true performer is able to tap into the mentality of their character and be one with the character.

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